Is cereal really soup?


noun\ ˈsüp  \

Definition of soup 

1: a liquid food especially with a meat, fish, or vegetable stock as a base and often containing pieces of solid food

2: something (such as a heavy fog or nitroglycerine) having or suggesting the consistency or nutrient qualities of soup

3: an unfortunate predicament

Well, look at Merriam Webster’s definition here. It says at #1 that it is a liquid food and it often contains pieces of solid food. Cereal contains a base which is milk and pieces of solid food which is cereal. Hence, a bowl of cereal is indeed soup.

Might I also add it’s typically eaten with a spoon so it is not a drink which is a liquid without pieces of solid food. You’d choke otherwise.


Let them eat cake! – Cheat Days

I was very torn when I started myfitnesspal. I see pictures of what people eat and then see their “cheat day” food one day a week. That day looks like an eruption of fat, sugar and carbs on a plate. Every rule goes out the window and their diet takes a backseat for the day.

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Dwayne Johnson’s cheat day

Taking a day every week to treat yourself is a good idea because you don’t want to suddenly binge eat or give into all your cravings- totally crash and burning your fitness and health goals. This method of having a cheat meal is a way to control yourself.

What should a diabetic do? You can have a little cheat. I have a little soda or a little cake once in awhile. Completely saying NO I CAN’T EAT THAT I’M DIABETIC is utter bullshit. It’s all about how much you plan to eat. Our cheat day cannot be an entire day but one sugary sweet with a meal.

Image result for diabetes you cant eat that

Having given up sitting and eating a bag of skittles or drinking a can of pop has lead me to needing a cheat once and awhile to not binge. I have binge ate then felt awful about it leading me to eat more and so on. It can be a vicious cycle. Soon, your blood sugar and\or diet will be completely destroyed. Starting back up on a diet is harder than simply having a little cheat. It turns into tomorrow I will start, then in a week, then in a month. . . then maybe it never happens.

Take it from this diabetic, eat at least a little snack with a meal every so often and you will be successful in reaching your goals.

REPOST: First Day of Norsk Class

Image result for alesund in the dark
Ålesund in the dark

I walked to class in the dark. It was under a cloudy sky but luckily it had stopped raining. I could see the twinkling lights of the city below and across the sea to the neighboring islands. The breeze was cool but not so bad as I climbed up the hills listening to techno beats through my headphones. What was today going to be like?

I was first in class. It was white and lined with tables just like when I went to college. I was greeted by one of my teachers, Monica. She asked if I spoke Norwegian or English. English was my choice and I told her I was American. “No problems then!” She said. I took a seat near the windows. Soon people started to come in.

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The class was not quite like this.

Asians paired with Asians. Europeans with Europeans. The Canadian would have sat by me had he known I was American, I’m sure. (I’m super excited there is a Canadian.) We were all in the same boat. Monica asked us questions in Norwegian such as “Hva heter du?”\What is your name?”, “Hvor kommer du fra?”\Where do you come from?, “Når kom du til Norge?”\When did you come to Norway?”, and “Hvilke språk snakker du?”\What languages do you speak? We learned to respond.

Jeg heter Christina. Jeg kommer fra USA. Jeg kommer til Norge i August 2018. Jeg snakker englsk, lit spansk og lit fransk.

or . . . . My name is Christina. I am from USA. I came to Norway August 2018. I speak English, a little Spanish and a little French.

We all spoke with each other, played mini language games and stumbled through the words together. Soon everyone was less at ease until she brought up the cost of the language book and workbook.

Image result for haters gonna hate cat
Actual footage of me walking home, all proud of myself after my first day.

After class, I went home and took a nap waiting for my husband to come home. I told him I needed the book and workbook. He went into town for me and bought them. Those books were really expensive! UGH.

*****Now that I’ve had my first day, I am well on my way to writing in Norwegian more! This blog will turn into a bilingual blog! This is a repost from my other blog, Stiina Marie.*****


2019 is soon to be upon us and you know what that means! It’s time to make a new year resolution! But really, I just have a lot of goals.

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  • Begin to read Harry Potter books in Norwegian
  • Have an A1C less than 8 (6-7 is considered what is considered normal blood sugar ranges)
  • watch a new anime series
  • Read more books
  • Watch Pokemon. . . .like the old one from when I was a kid. . . .in Norwegian
Image result for pikachu gif
  • Work out at least 3 times a week
  • improve my skin health
  • wear size 8
  • get driver’s licence
  • Visit Trondheim and\or Sweden
  • See a concert
  • Get a tattoo
  • Go hiking in the forest
  • Start having date night again with hubby
  • Have a daily prayer and meditation routine
  • Drink more water
  • Play more games with hubby (video games, card games, DnD. . . . .)
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The Kake is a Lie.

If you were a dessert, which would you be and why?

My wedding cake was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting in a light green color. I love this cake! This is the cake I think I would be.

My wedding cake.
  • It’s red, but it’s chocolate. – This is due to a chemical science-y reaction with acid and buttermilk. When I found out I was eating chocolate I was surprised. The red color is beautifully surprising on the inside because you would expect a brown of chocolate. I love vibrant colors and being different.
Red Velvet Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting by Learn all my tricks and tips to perfecting this classic recipe at home!
Red Velvet cake
  • Can I be a cupcake? I choose a cupcake. – I’m petite and according to hubby and many people, very cutesy. Cupcakes work. Besides that it’s a good portion since I have diabetes.
  • Cream cheese with chocolate normal?- This cake gets away with a unique flavor combination, much like most things I do. My fashion, make up, personality and things I like are odd combinations. For example. I wear bright make up but typically like dark clothes. No one has ever been able to fit me in a proper stereotype except saying “Oh, that’s just Stiina.”
  • It’s a gorgeous cake. – I’d like to think I am pretty….

Please come back.

What fashion trend do you want to come back into style?

I really like fashion from the 1800s which has only somewhat come back in style in Japanese fashion and alternative fashion. So I guess it has come back…. I find it beautiful, elegant and dressy. There are so many forms of 1800s-esqe fashion in Japan I don’t know all the names anymore. I do know terms such as steampunk, Victorian goth, gothic lolita, minori and light lolita.

Image result for japanese lolita
Types of Lolita
Related image
Types of Lolita
Victorian Goth and Steampunk blend
Gothic Victorian steampunk blend

The Great Pizza Debate

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

There is great debate in the culinary world as to what to do about untraditional pizza styles. There already exists a “copyright” and “seal of approval” for what has been labelled true Neapolitan pizza. 

“This extraordinary speciality can today be found in Beijing and Sydney,” it said. “It belongs to humanity.” 

The Guardian
Image result for italian government for pizza
“True” Pizza

Italians have also sought out to preserve traditional pizza by asking the UN to label it as a landmark, making it wrong to mess with traditional style pizza or being able to call it pizza. My research suggests this might be done already but I am not certain. 

So, to answer this question I will answer with another question. Am I a traditionalist/purest or an experimenter/nonconformist when it comes to food?  My answer is this:

Chefs should learn and know traditional styles of cooking but be able to make food their own. Is it really artistic to cook only traditional food? No. It’s just fuel and I absolutely hate that expression.  BUT just because you get creative doesn’t mean it tastes good.  With great power comes great responsibility. Mayo on pizza is weird but I don’t like mayo all that much to begin with. I’ve had pineapple with Canadian bacon and it tastes good. 

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Korean Kimchi and Pork pizza

Should there be laws for pizza? Only to preserve traditional styles. Without them, the traditional pizza would not exist as it did so many years ago.  I do, however, stand that even Norwegian Grandiosa pizza has a right to be called pizza. Though it’s only good for after too much to drink even by Norwegian standards. It’s cardboard with fake cheese. Norwegian also dip their pizza in a wierd sauce….  Sorry other Italians, you gotta let artists be artists. Destruction, un-construction and manipulation of something is artistic.