The Great Pizza Debate

How do you feel about putting pineapple on pizza?

There is great debate in the culinary world as to what to do about untraditional pizza styles. There already exists a “copyright” and “seal of approval” for what has been labelled true Neapolitan pizza. 

“This extraordinary speciality can today be found in Beijing and Sydney,” it said. “It belongs to humanity.” 

The Guardian
Image result for italian government for pizza
“True” Pizza

Italians have also sought out to preserve traditional pizza by asking the UN to label it as a landmark, making it wrong to mess with traditional style pizza or being able to call it pizza. My research suggests this might be done already but I am not certain. 

So, to answer this question I will answer with another question. Am I a traditionalist/purest or an experimenter/nonconformist when it comes to food?  My answer is this:

Chefs should learn and know traditional styles of cooking but be able to make food their own. Is it really artistic to cook only traditional food? No. It’s just fuel and I absolutely hate that expression.  BUT just because you get creative doesn’t mean it tastes good.  With great power comes great responsibility. Mayo on pizza is weird but I don’t like mayo all that much to begin with. I’ve had pineapple with Canadian bacon and it tastes good. 

Related image
Korean Kimchi and Pork pizza

Should there be laws for pizza? Only to preserve traditional styles. Without them, the traditional pizza would not exist as it did so many years ago.  I do, however, stand that even Norwegian Grandiosa pizza has a right to be called pizza. Though it’s only good for after too much to drink even by Norwegian standards. It’s cardboard with fake cheese. Norwegian also dip their pizza in a wierd sauce….  Sorry other Italians, you gotta let artists be artists. Destruction, un-construction and manipulation of something is artistic. 


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