REPOST: First Day of Norsk Class

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Ålesund in the dark

I walked to class in the dark. It was under a cloudy sky but luckily it had stopped raining. I could see the twinkling lights of the city below and across the sea to the neighboring islands. The breeze was cool but not so bad as I climbed up the hills listening to techno beats through my headphones. What was today going to be like?

I was first in class. It was white and lined with tables just like when I went to college. I was greeted by one of my teachers, Monica. She asked if I spoke Norwegian or English. English was my choice and I told her I was American. “No problems then!” She said. I took a seat near the windows. Soon people started to come in.

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The class was not quite like this.

Asians paired with Asians. Europeans with Europeans. The Canadian would have sat by me had he known I was American, I’m sure. (I’m super excited there is a Canadian.) We were all in the same boat. Monica asked us questions in Norwegian such as “Hva heter du?”\What is your name?”, “Hvor kommer du fra?”\Where do you come from?, “Når kom du til Norge?”\When did you come to Norway?”, and “Hvilke språk snakker du?”\What languages do you speak? We learned to respond.

Jeg heter Christina. Jeg kommer fra USA. Jeg kommer til Norge i August 2018. Jeg snakker englsk, lit spansk og lit fransk.

or . . . . My name is Christina. I am from USA. I came to Norway August 2018. I speak English, a little Spanish and a little French.

We all spoke with each other, played mini language games and stumbled through the words together. Soon everyone was less at ease until she brought up the cost of the language book and workbook.

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Actual footage of me walking home, all proud of myself after my first day.

After class, I went home and took a nap waiting for my husband to come home. I told him I needed the book and workbook. He went into town for me and bought them. Those books were really expensive! UGH.

*****Now that I’ve had my first day, I am well on my way to writing in Norwegian more! This blog will turn into a bilingual blog! This is a repost from my other blog, Stiina Marie.*****


What is this about anyway?

Image result for wtfI noticed my English is suffering. You see, I moved to Norway from the US and have to learn Bokmål. All I hear most of the day is some form of  Norwegian dialect. Soon, I’ll be learning Bokmål and Ålesund dialect.

Whew. That is a lot of bullshit to learn. Better find a way to keep up my English skills. Better write some bullshit nearly everyday using a prompt from 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto or random prompts I find online. Neato.

I’ll write the best I can and you English speakers can come along for the ride. Eventually I will write in both Bokmål and English.