Break the Internet

What will finally break the internet?

I really think if the internet breaks, we’re royally fucked. I think it’ll be done by hacker or some genius. Someone will be clever enough to do it like Rick from Rick and Morty. Just some arrogant asshole.

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Post Apocalyptic Rick and Morty with Summer

 Countries will point fingers at who done it but no one will be able to pinpoint what asshole did it. All they know is someone, something, did it and now everyone is in real trouble.

Banks won’t be able to function. Credit cards will mean nothing. 
Entire libraries of information will be lost. Maybe by then all we will have is electronic payment and that will be destroyed too. The government won’t be able to handle the rioting and looting of the angry people who just lost everything.  

. . . . . or it will just be a super cute kitten that has too many views at once and then POP –  like a zit the internet will explode! 

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Now that I have Your attention, the writing prompt for this post is:  

What is the best gift you ever received?

My hubby found out the one thing I’ve always wanted since I was a little girl was a cat. I had been eyeing this black cat named Stoney and Kim agreed to adopt him for me. This was even before we were married. Best gift ever is this cat.

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Stoner the Cat

He is a pure black cat with green eyes like a marijuana leaf.
He also has fangs like a vampire. Everybody makes a point to mention his eyes and teeth.  He loves ‘nip. We soon were calling him Stoner after watching him eat and go crazy for his catnip toys. His absolute favorite food is chicken. He will meow and scream when we have chicken. He’ll even dig in the garbage can and knock it all over the place for a bit of chicken.  Stoner loves to talk and chirps all day, all night. We speculate this is due to me singing and talking to him. He just is responding! 

He was born in a house of a hoarder with over 100 cats. He grew up there as a baby. We assume he ate off chicken bones with the way he responds to them. He was in a shelter for a year, being overlooked because of his color and returned once. He was too friendly, the man said.

Stoner is very loving and a very friendly cat. I just tell Stoner he was meant to be my cat. We sleep together and snuggle. I feel blessed to have found him.