I Currently Love #1

Make a Currently List: What are you reading, watching, listening to, eating, needing….

Currently reading: The second book of the Hunger Games Series (The books are so much better. . .  .like they always are)

Watching: Sick Note with Rupert from Harry Potter

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“Sick Note”

Listening to:  EDM 

Eating: Really loving fish burgers. They are similar to Norwegian fish cakes. They are high in protein and I can actually somewhat stomach them. Made with mayo, lettuce and tomato with a side of onion rings.  

Needing: I have a MIGHTY NEED to learn how to shuffle dance. . . . 

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Shuffling, an electronic music dance style

Wanting: . . . . .to dye my hair black. Just bought the hair dye. 

Trying: . . . . . to learn some Polish. Always wanted to learn Polish. They had no classes for it and I found it on the Duolingo app. 

Smelling: . . . . . a scrub I made with chamomile, lavender and vanilla bean. 

Butterfly on Lavender, Ethiriel Photography

Missing:  . . . . . having a job and contributing to society more and make some money. 

Going: I am hopefully going shopping tomorrow with hubs for Christmas presents at the mall! 

Pinning: . . . . .  pictures to put by my make up table and fitness stuff. Motivation and inspiration! 

Minori (Shiro-Nuri) avant-garde eye makeup. I can only guess how she made the eyelashes, but I know she used false-eyelash glue to stick the real flower petals around her eyes.

Finishing: Soon the Christmas tree decorations should be done. We need ornament hooks. 

Wearing: I am sporting a whole lot of lounge clothes. 

Crafting: I am crocheting a blanket for someone. . .shhhhhh….. 

Feeling: . . . . . optimistic and hopeful. 

Bloemenquote Mooiwatbloemendoen.nl

Starting: . . . . yet another pinterest board and adding more pins to other boards because pinning is winning.