Let them eat cake! – Cheat Days

I was very torn when I started myfitnesspal. I see pictures of what people eat and then see their “cheat day” food one day a week. That day looks like an eruption of fat, sugar and carbs on a plate. Every rule goes out the window and their diet takes a backseat for the day.

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Dwayne Johnson’s cheat day

Taking a day every week to treat yourself is a good idea because you don’t want to suddenly binge eat or give into all your cravings- totally crash and burning your fitness and health goals. This method of having a cheat meal is a way to control yourself.

What should a diabetic do? You can have a little cheat. I have a little soda or a little cake once in awhile. Completely saying NO I CAN’T EAT THAT I’M DIABETIC is utter bullshit. It’s all about how much you plan to eat. Our cheat day cannot be an entire day but one sugary sweet with a meal.

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Having given up sitting and eating a bag of skittles or drinking a can of pop has lead me to needing a cheat once and awhile to not binge. I have binge ate then felt awful about it leading me to eat more and so on. It can be a vicious cycle. Soon, your blood sugar and\or diet will be completely destroyed. Starting back up on a diet is harder than simply having a little cheat. It turns into tomorrow I will start, then in a week, then in a month. . . then maybe it never happens.

Take it from this diabetic, eat at least a little snack with a meal every so often and you will be successful in reaching your goals.


The Kake is a Lie.

If you were a dessert, which would you be and why?

My wedding cake was a red velvet cake with cream cheese frosting in a light green color. I love this cake! This is the cake I think I would be.

My wedding cake.
  • It’s red, but it’s chocolate. – This is due to a chemical science-y reaction with acid and buttermilk. When I found out I was eating chocolate I was surprised. The red color is beautifully surprising on the inside because you would expect a brown of chocolate. I love vibrant colors and being different.
Red Velvet Layer Cake with Cream Cheese Frosting by sallysbakingaddiction.com. Learn all my tricks and tips to perfecting this classic recipe at home!
Red Velvet cake
  • Can I be a cupcake? I choose a cupcake. – I’m petite and according to hubby and many people, very cutesy. Cupcakes work. Besides that it’s a good portion since I have diabetes.
  • Cream cheese with chocolate normal?- This cake gets away with a unique flavor combination, much like most things I do. My fashion, make up, personality and things I like are odd combinations. For example. I wear bright make up but typically like dark clothes. No one has ever been able to fit me in a proper stereotype except saying “Oh, that’s just Stiina.”
  • It’s a gorgeous cake. – I’d like to think I am pretty….

Break the Internet

What will finally break the internet?

I really think if the internet breaks, we’re royally fucked. I think it’ll be done by hacker or some genius. Someone will be clever enough to do it like Rick from Rick and Morty. Just some arrogant asshole.

Image result for post apocalyptic summer rick and morty
Post Apocalyptic Rick and Morty with Summer

 Countries will point fingers at who done it but no one will be able to pinpoint what asshole did it. All they know is someone, something, did it and now everyone is in real trouble.

Banks won’t be able to function. Credit cards will mean nothing. 
Entire libraries of information will be lost. Maybe by then all we will have is electronic payment and that will be destroyed too. The government won’t be able to handle the rioting and looting of the angry people who just lost everything.  

. . . . . or it will just be a super cute kitten that has too many views at once and then POP –  like a zit the internet will explode! 

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Now that I have Your attention, the writing prompt for this post is:  

What is the best gift you ever received?

My hubby found out the one thing I’ve always wanted since I was a little girl was a cat. I had been eyeing this black cat named Stoney and Kim agreed to adopt him for me. This was even before we were married. Best gift ever is this cat.

No automatic alt text available.

Stoner the Cat

He is a pure black cat with green eyes like a marijuana leaf.
He also has fangs like a vampire. Everybody makes a point to mention his eyes and teeth.  He loves ‘nip. We soon were calling him Stoner after watching him eat and go crazy for his catnip toys. His absolute favorite food is chicken. He will meow and scream when we have chicken. He’ll even dig in the garbage can and knock it all over the place for a bit of chicken.  Stoner loves to talk and chirps all day, all night. We speculate this is due to me singing and talking to him. He just is responding! 

He was born in a house of a hoarder with over 100 cats. He grew up there as a baby. We assume he ate off chicken bones with the way he responds to them. He was in a shelter for a year, being overlooked because of his color and returned once. He was too friendly, the man said.

Stoner is very loving and a very friendly cat. I just tell Stoner he was meant to be my cat. We sleep together and snuggle. I feel blessed to have found him.


Could you ever be a vegan?  Why or why not?

First off, this is a huge thing at the moment. I don’t do anything just because a celebrity does it. Jyrki Linnankivi and Kat Von D are both favorites of mine but also vegan. They both believe in not harming animals. Good for them. I, however, could never be vegan

Image result for kat von d vegan
Kat Von D

I have food allergies and intolerances. I wouldn’t be able to handle replacement foods for vegans. Like, all the food they make for vegans contains a shit ton of soy. Soy burgers. Soy cheese. Soy milk. Soy tacos. Soy burritos. You get my point.  I also cannot handle high fiber or high protein. They make me vomit or fall on the floor cramping in serious pain wishing I would just vomit. Though I eat them in small quanities, I am also allergic to raw fruit and vegetables. Eating typical vegan food would be a struggle from hell.

Image result for rainbow vomit gif

Do I even believe animals should not be eaten? No. I believe in eating animals. It is healthier to do so. With that being said, I have been reading about this to prove my point. Paleo is one of the diets that is very pro-grass fed. In Norway, that doesnt even need to be a label because of how farming is here.  There are stricter rules on farming. I would rather promote how to farm better than be a vegan. 

These are the main reasons I could never be vegan. I just have too many issues with food medically speaking and I believe in eating and using animal products.  There is however a way to use animal products in a moral manner.

Thank you for reading! 

The Role of Art

What is the purpose of art in society?

A person once said that art is pointless to me. Art is meant to inspire, to savor and to embrace what makes us human.

Bilderesultat for pikachu gif
Japanese cartoon, Pokemon. Everybody loves Pikachu, right?

In society it can bring people closer or even distance people. Look at subcultures such as the otakus that love anime and anything Japanese. They love certain forms of art and formed thier own group around it. Yet, it can make people distant from others if they cannot relate. 

It can be used to persuade others. Take for instance the art of Banksy. He has created graffiti art to comment on everyday life and persuade the viewer to think differently about war, for instance.

Image result for banksy

It can have negative affects on people as well as good. Magazines show women to be a certain weight and this adds pressure to society to be a particular weight. This can cause psychological problems with perception of the self aka bulima or anorexia. . . . .

16-year-old model Lululeika Ravn Liep accused of being anorexic

The purpose of art in society could literally be a book. Hell, it probably is one. These are just some things I came up with. What do you think? What is the purpose of art in society? Is it pointless?

What is this about anyway?

Image result for wtfI noticed my English is suffering. You see, I moved to Norway from the US and have to learn Bokmål. All I hear most of the day is some form of  Norwegian dialect. Soon, I’ll be learning Bokmål and Ålesund dialect.

Whew. That is a lot of bullshit to learn. Better find a way to keep up my English skills. Better write some bullshit nearly everyday using a prompt from 642 Things to Write About by the San Francisco Writers’ Grotto or random prompts I find online. Neato.

I’ll write the best I can and you English speakers can come along for the ride. Eventually I will write in both Bokmål and English.